For me, photography is a creative outlet from my "real" job. I began shooting photos seriously in December 2006, after my parents bought me a digital point-and-shoot camera for Christmas. I'd roam the streets of Washington, D.C., camera in hand, photographing whatever caught my eye. I was unscientific and capricious, but this roam-and-shoot technique served me well in my travels, and particularly when I moved to Sydney, Australia—it allowed me to explore an entirely new place with a photographer's eye, particularly architectural details and landscapes.

Now I'm back in Washington, I've learned a few more things, and I've upgraded my kit. I've since expanded to many different styles, including photojournalism, portraits, street photography, abstract and nature. My influences and heroes include Hiroshi Sugimoto, André Kertész, Sam Taylor-Wood, Andreas Gursky and Edward Burtynsky.

My usual gear is a Canon 6D Mark II SLR, with 24-105mm 2.4 and 50mm 1.4 lenses, but, as they say, the best camera is the one in your hands. So I also shoot on my trusty iPhone (currently, an iPhone 13 Pro).

My work has been featured in Artforum magazine, in Roll Call, on DCist, ReadysetDC, and We Love DC. In 2010, I made my gallery debut at Exposed DC photography show, and was the inaugural winner of the Mobile Phone category at FotoweekDC 2010. In 2011, I was again honoured to be a part of the DCist Exposed photography show at Long View Gallery in Washington.

You can also visit me on Flickr or follow me on Instagram.
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